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What Are SARMs? A Summary of Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators

What Are SARMs? A Summary of Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators 

Selective androgen receptor modulators are referred to as “SARMS”. SARMS are hormones that are capable of tying to cellular androgen receptors. These receptors are involved in compound signal operations and lead to better expressions of specific genes. What this means is SARMS are capable of doing very specific things to certain receptors in a tissue selective manner.

Success of SARMS Studies

Studies conducted by licensed researchers and scientists on lab rats and mice discovered SARMS in various doses can lead to an increase in testosterone production, muscle mass, and bone density. Studies have also shown SARMS could potentially be used to combat muscle-wasting diseases such as cancer, osteoporosis, or other degenerative conditions.

Potential Side Effects for SARMS

It has been observed that side effects of SARM are minimal when taken at low or within what would be considered a normal range dose in several scientific studies of their effects. Common side effects, though minimal, in the testing setting with lab rats and mice included:
Testicular atrophy among male rats and mice
Gynecomastia (excess body fat in male breast region)
Virilization within the female population of rats and mice
Loss of hair/balding
Acne/dry skin
High blood pressure
Cholesterol disparities
Liver toxicity
Side effects became more common as higher doses were given and test subjects were exposed to SARMS for longer periods than normal, or recommended. With lower doses and shorter periods of exposure, the side effects were far less likely to occur, if at all, but were still a possibility.

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