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What is Dapoxetine?

Dapoxetine.  Another product we are offering at a special price to meet all of your laboratory research and development needs.  Coming in 30ML bottles, dapoxetine is a synthetic substance that typically inhibits the serotonin transporter found in every human.  The serotonin transporter is really just a protein found in the SLC6A4 gene.

Though we offer pure, unadulterated dapoxetine, there are medications already available on the market that use dapoxetine as the number one active ingredient.  Priligy and Westoxetin are among the most popular and are typically prescribed to healthy men struggling with premature ejaculation. These are almost always men that haven’t hit the golden years just yet.

It’s Only Purpose

Being the first drug formulated to treat premature ejaculation, there is no shortage of test research and patient reviews available.  The prescription versions of dapoxetine have only been around for a handful of years. First discovered in the last 2000’s, it wasn’t until 2012 that a true benefit-risk assessment was conducted by an objective third party.  Found to be mostly safe and effective to treat the most common sexual problem affecting men, Dapoxetine research really got its wings.

Once medications started to get approved from manufacturing, the customer reviews started to flow in.  On any given men’s health website or magazine, there is likely to be some report on the benefits and effects of dapoxetine supplementation.  After half a decade of ubiquity in prescriptions by primary care physicians for me, a review of the efficacy and safety was completed by a team from Milan, Italy.  The experienced medical team found the extended treatment of premature ejaculation with dapoxetine supplementation is both safe and effective.

Adverse Effects

The low amount of adverse effects is what helps the dapoxetine prescription case.  We’ve already determined it’s safe, but how safe? Well, the only real side effects ever reported are dry mouth, headache, nausea, and occasional dizziness.  Assuming the dosage is taken responsibly, most people do not feel any adverse side effects at all.

Worth noting: There has never been any case of drug overdose reported by any patient, ever.

Discontinuation Rates are High

Despite the fact that dapoxetine based medications are really effective with minimal side effects, discontinuation rates remain high.  Some people aren’t properly educated and inevitably stop using dapoxetine after they don’t see results in treating sexual dysfunction. They believe that sexual dysfunction can be treated with dapoxetine but that’s simply not the case.  Premature ejaculation is the only ailment that dapoxetine should be used to treat.A paper was published by the Department of Urology and Medical Research Institute and the Department of Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics, both of the Pusan National University Hospital.  The joint findings state that the leading cause for discontinuation is cost.  It is expensive to manufacture dapoxetine based medications, driving up the total sales price.  High costs lead to men frequently choosing to buy their prescription in spurts as opposed to continuously supplement.  Once somebody perfects a cheaper way to manufacture, costs could drop low enough for an increase in extended use.

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