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What is Dutasteride?

Another one of those substances that are sold under different names, dutasteride is something we offer on for the use of research purposes only.  And right now… it’s on sale!  You can look around for it under the name of Avodart as well as dutasteride, but it’s almost 100% the same thing.  Avodart is the medicinal name and it is used almost exclusively to treat enlarged prostate problems that are increasingly more frequent in men.  There are a variety of other use cases that dutasteride has been leveraged for and the recent uptick in transgender women has further amplified the number of use cases.

Transgender Women?

Transgender hormone therapy is a growing practice and doesn’t appear to be going anywhere.  Now that it is increasingly more social acceptable for people to make the gender switch and identify with the sex that they feel most comfortable with, science is turning to medicine to help individuals achieve the desired look that tends to correlate with their gender selection.  Dutasteride has been found to be a healthy component to hormone therapy for transgender women, or men who are making the gender switch. Dutasteride “inhibits the enzyme responsible for producing testosterone” while estrogen supplementation will increase the female features and promote tissue growth in the appropriate areas.

Case Studies Beyond Gender Transition

In 2017, a randomized controlled blinded study was completed.  In the research published by the Department of Dermatology, in the LTMMC and Lokmanya Tilak Municipal General Hospital of Mumbai, India, dutasteride was proven to be more beneficial than finasteride “in hair regrowth and reversal of miniaturization in men with androgenetic alopecia.”  Their research was built off from a previous study that was completed in 2014, finding hair density and thickness to be increased by up to 18.9% when supplementing with dutasteride.

Hair growth and thickness promotion isn’t the only other benefit found when it comes to dutasteride supplementation.  As recently as September 28th, 2018, dutasteride has been accepted by the medical community to be an ideal treatment for men suffering from prostate cancer; Not just enlarged prostate.  While there are some side effects, a whole variety of research groups listed in the publication released by the PDQ Screening and Prevention Editorial Board found that dutasteride drastically reduced the rate of growth and in some cases nearly halted the growth rate of prostate cancers entirely.

Side Effects

As to be expected, there are some side effects when it comes to dutasteride supplementation.  Since it alters hormone levels in the body, women may experience some menstrual cycle changes while men should prepare for unexpected acne.  Both genders have been found to experience headaches, dizziness, and some gastrointestinal pains while the human body adjusts to the new hormone levels.  To try to combat the adverse side effects, users tend to take their medication at night, just before bed time. For those who prefer to take their oral meds in the morning, try to take your dose after eating a healthy breakfast.

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