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What is Ostarine MK-2866?

Ostarine MK-2866, almost always called simply MK-2866, is an investigational selective androgen receptor modulator.  While we sell it on so that you may use it for research purposes, it is a little different than most of the other SARMs we have in stock.  Coming in a 30 ml bottle on our site, MK-2866 is an SARM that already has tons of research proving its validity, whereas most of the SARMs and substances we sell aren’t being frequently used.  In this particular case, some medications have already leveraged MK-2866 and variations of the solution to help with muscle wasting, degeneration, and osteoporosis.

Primary Use Cases

For almost a decade, scientists around the world danced around the idea that MK-2866 would be able to end diseases like osteoporosis.  At the very least, the dozens of studies completed suggested that Ostarine’s effect on muscle tissue would be able to buy us more time.  It would be able to help ward off or slow down muscle degenerative diseases.

Then, in 2009, Antonio Cilotti and Alberto Falchetti completed a lengthy study that all but guaranteed androgenic therapy is an effective method to beat osteoporosis.  Their findings laid the groundwork for the future of MK-2866 study. As recently as last year, more research was being completed to prove that MK-2866 and androgenic therapy could be used to fight osteoporosis in people of all ages.

Alternative Medications

While some of the potential medications are still in the clinical trials phase, one in particular is already available on the market.  Enobosarm, developed by the Merck & Company and GTx Incorporated, is the result of MK-2866 being used as an active ingredient in the fight against muscle wasting cancers.  Research completed in 2013 opened the door to a whole new world; A whole new reason for understanding and investigating the healing properties of MK-2866.  Leveraging MK-2866 and other SARMs in the fight against cancer became priority number one.

Not all tests were successful.  A project was abandoned in September of 2017 because while studies focusing on other kinds of cancer yielded favorable results, there was nothing favorable about the effects of Ostarine/MK-2866/Enobosarm on the group of women suffering from breast cancer.

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The Future for MK-2866

While some people have found MK-2866 to be beneficial in muscle building and sculpting, it’s wildly viewed as illegal in athletic organizations.  Supplementation of this type is on the same level as steroids. Unregulated and unsupervised supplementation isn’t recommended anyway. As far as using Ostarine in the world of fitness, there may eventually be a place for it.  There may eventually be medications that will help retired athletes recuperate and prevent a life long battle with the after effects of competitive sport. – Especially for professionals.

The true future of MK-2866 lies in more research, it’s safe to say.  There is no cure for osteoporosis or many of the other heavyweight muscular degenerative diseases.  Rampant speculation still suggests that MK-2866 is the key to defeating these diseases and eradication muscle degeneration due to even the harshest of cancers.  

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