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YK11 SARM Explained

YK11 SARM Explained

YK11 is one of the more tried and true selective androgen receptor modulators (SARMs) on the market today.  Almost ubiquitous with vitamins and other health mixes for fitness supplementation, YK11 can help lead to muscle gains.  Leveraging YK11 to boost muscle growth is making it a popular alternative to illegal steroids and other nefarious muscle enhancers that may have seriously adverse effects on your health.

YK11 shouldn’t just be thought of as a steroid replacement.  We are finding there is much more to it as we learn more about SARMs, both of the synthetic sort and their more organic counterparts.  Let’s take a look at everything we know about YK11 and take a peak to consider what the future may hold.

YK11 is Synthetic

Manufactured in laboratories around the world, YK11 is synthetic in nature.  You won’t just extract it, ready made from some plant or animal. Unfortunately, a little more work is involved than that.  Check here to see the entire molecular compound.

Discovered, mostly by accident, in 2011, YK11 is a member of the newest group of SARMs to be identified and manufactured.  It is only a partial antagonist of the androgen receptor, with the rare quantifier of gene selection.  Having gene selective properties is what makes YK11 a little unique.

So What Does YK11 Do?

To be completely honest, we only know the results of YK11 supplementation in humans: Insane increases in muscle growth.  There isn’t much in the way of concrete evidence for how the muscle growth becomes to predominate.

That isn’t to say we know nothing about how YK11 works and what it does.  A study was completed just this year that showed the SARM regulates osteoblastic proliferation and differentiation in certain cells.  

Unfortunately, few other studies have been completed and published leaving much to be desired in the way of knowledge.  Not enough research has been completed to even definitively say what side effects may be caused as a result of prolonged use.  

Very Little Safety Data?!

Likely the number one reason that large companies haven’t started to mass produce and the food and drug administration isn’t willing to even recognize YK11 as a supplement.  Being honest, we’re years away from that type of thing. In the deepest recesses of the web you can find testimonials from people who have unintelligently decided to dose themselves with YK11.  Some of these individuals have reported signs of heightened aggression and having a shorter threshold for every day stress. Apart from these illegal testimonials, there is nothing out there in the form of safety data or side effects.

The Next Few Years

Absolutely crucial.  As word circulates about the potential for muscle growth, there is going to be a lot of focus on research and development when it comes to YK11.  Scientists are going to be tripping over each other to become the group that proves YK11 as a safe supplement for muscle development and enhancing muscle growth rates.  Whether or not YK11 can even be that is yet to be seen. If you’re interested in being a part of history and performing your own research, head here to pick up your USA made YK11!

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